25' Pirate Ship
25' Pirate Ship

Adventure Suites Facade
Adventure Suites Facade

North Conway, NH

Lightkeeper's Cottage Lighthouse
Lightkeeper's Cottage Lighthouse

Area 51 Roswell, GA

25' Pirate Ship
25' Pirate Ship


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Ever wonder who builds the unique items seen in theme parks?

What is a themed environment?

A good way to describe a "themed environment" is to look around at the area in which you are standing. Does it look creative? Does it replicate or remind you of a different time or place? If so, it is possible that SceneWorks designed and built whatever it is you are looking at. From Western street scenes to Pirate ships, SceneWorks is a specialty business that enjoys a challenge!

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Welcome to the world through our Eyes.

SceneWorks specializes in the design and fabrication of themed environments. Nearly every restaurant, bar, shopping center, & theme park have a goal of providing their customers with a dynamic environment, a unique aesthetic, and a fun experience. That is where we enter the picture.

SceneWorks' unique strength is its ability to work with you, the client, to design, fabricate, and install your vision. Please visit our GALLERY to view a few environments we have created and view the PROCESS page to learn more about our business process.

From rustic realism to elegant fantasy, let us build you something to be proud of.

Highlighted Scene:


We make the best scaled lighthouses in North America.  Our lighthouse design incorporates a revolving light beacon, LEXAN window glass, welded steel railings, and a Urethane coated body fabricated to last for many, many years to come.

TWO HEIGHTS: 14' & 18'

Prices Start at $10,500.00

Check out some our latest looks.

Frankies Fun Park Columbia, SC